Defects Mobile Construction Defects & Punchlist Management

Some of the Contruction Companies that have Used Defect Mobile

Defects Mobile used by Lend Lease, Mirvac, Icon Constructions, Thiess & Leighton Contractors

Proven to save money, time and effort in managing Construction Defects & Incomplete Works

Using Defects Mobile you save many thousands of Dollars, save time & effort plus gain valuable information about your project in real-time previously un-available. Defects Mobile is designed for use by different customer types:
  • Master Contractor Companies
  • Local Councils
  • Building Inspection Companies
  • Property Developers
  • Architects
And on a wide range of Project types:
  • Small to Large Health Care Projects
  • High Rise Apartments
  • Corporate Head Offices
  • Apartments & Townhouses
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sports Arenas
  • Council Facilities
  • Concert Halls & Theatres
  • Data Centres
  • Road & Rail Projects

The Defects Mobile System has been designed in collaboration with many Construction industry professionals since our begining and has helped Construction Companies around Australia manage their Defects and Incomplete Works since 2003. Defects Mobile was the first company in the world to introduce combined mobile and database backend technology to the Construction Industry in 2004. Since then we have continued to improve and enhance Defects Mobile by keeping it up-to-date with the very latest technology, giving it a contemporary look & feel and adding innovative new features.

We have been working with Construction Companies and on Projects like the $1.8 Billion New Royal Children’s Hospital project, the ANZ Head Office - one of the biggest commercial projects in the region and the $2 Billion Gold Coast University Hospital Project. And Defects Mobile is also great on smaller projects like the $10 million "Worlds Tallest Wooden Residential building" project to Shopping Centres, Sports Stadiums & Facilities, Apartments and Town Houses.

These projects rely on Defects Mobile to manage their defects from the construction phase to beyond completion which is provided using these features & functions;

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Portal
  • Data Views
  • Cool Tools
  • Administrator only Tools
  • Built-in Business Intelligence
  • Lists and Reports
  • Sub Contractors Portal
  • Punch list (Snag list) Distribution
  • Notifications Engine
  • Project Configuration
  • Robust APIs
See what people say about Defects Mobile below.
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Logan Hospital Expansion Project
“Thank you for the excellent support”

I wish to thank you for the excellent support, I am now quite familiar with various aspects of the program in setup and distribution and all systems are go.

As a very first time user I wish to note in particular your support service was very efficient and you were able to get me up and running extremely fast at a very critical time of the project.

I will be adding this to my resume and take defects mobile to my next project.
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Systems Coordinator, Infrastructure
Perth Children's Hospital
“I am very impressed with your product’s capability”

I am very impressed with your product’s capability for defects/issues management, and personally believe you have the most comprehensive package on the market.
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Senior Engineer
Logan Hospital Expansion Project
“Defects Mobile has everything a good Defects Managment System needs”

With all the features and functions in the Defects Mobile 2014 version including some I asked for, Defects Mobile has everything a good Defects Managment System should have.
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Senior Engineer
New Royal Children’s Hospital Project
“Defects Mobile is easy to learn and use”

This system in my opinion is very simple and easy to learn and use, anybody with basic computer skills can soon become proficient at it

Being able to upload the items into the database within minutes of entering them and then being able to issue them to all the relevant parties at the touch of a button makes the whole defect process a very valuable tool when you get to the pointy end of the project. As far as handling projects are concerned this particular project was one of our biggest projects both in size and complexity with over 5,000 rooms and 90,000 pieces of equipment which we were able to track to completion using this system. These are an example of the time and money that is saved by using this system.
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Site Engineer
Gold Coast Hospital Project
“I learned to use the system in 20 minutes without assistance”

The App interface is fairly intuitive and easy to use.  Navigation is very easy and to operate the application is self-explanatory for any person that has had experience with an iPod.

The interface is a fairly powerful tool and as such takes a little while to get used to navigating and learning what the features and functionalities are and how to use.  This is expected of any software package and took me about 20mins of unassisted time to feel confident with.  I would see this as very positive and would shorten this time to 15 mins to take a new user through basic proficiencies if they were assisted by a regular user. My colleague Mark has used the system extensively and recommends the features and reporting capabilities.
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Project Manager
Convesso Project
“Defects Mobile has saved the company time, money and resources”

Having used the defects mobile system for the last six years I have seen it evolve into a programme that we now implement across all our construction projects big and small. The user interface is simple, the options in filtering and manipulating data so that it is understood and most importantly closed out has saved the company both time, money and resources. Subcontractors, architects and clients alike are now all accustomed to its benefits
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Site Engineer
Yarra Point Project
The system provides great reporting and tracking tools

I have worked with Defects Mobile since mid 2004 and the system has continued being developed to suit the construction team’s on-site requirements. I have used it on both multi-level Residential Projects and large scale Health Projects.

I find the system to be an extremely efficient and effective tool for managing both Defects and Incomplete works.  The system provides great reporting and tracking tools for management and end users alike.
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Construction Manager
New Royal Children’s Hospital Project
“The system has been effective and the after care service has been excellent”

I have been involved with the Defects Mobile system for 8 years now. Defects Mobile and in particular Colin has been instrumental in the development of the Defects Mobile system and the way in which it has been pioneered within our construction business. I have been personally involved with the development of reports, functions and I have found Colin to be responsive and customer focused.

We have utilised the defects database system on a number of our projects including the Royal Children's Hospital, ANZ Head Office, Convesso Apartments, Melbourne Recital Centre, MAB New Quay Developments and Dock 5

The system has been effective and the after care service has been excellent. The system is user friendly and is easily adaptable for different projects and has been used successfully to manage and close out defects and non conformances. I am more than happy with its performance and look forward to the next phase of development with Colin and his team.