Defects Mobile Construction Defects Management


Defects Mobile Specifications

Defects Mobile App

  • Minimum typing - Selectable Data from drop down lists with smart search and lookup filters
  • Context sensitive - lookups reduces the amount of Data to sort through and choose from
  • QR & Bar Code Scanner for speedy Defects entry from Scan codes created within the solution
  • View Plans & Drawings and Add/Update Defects and Issues on floor plans, images and maps
  • Add multiple Photos to Defects using Device’s built-in Camera or previously saved raw/marked-up images and drawings
  • Built-in Photo editing tool for drawing and marking up photos in multiple colours. Includes tools for cropping & rotating photos and other editing tasks
  • Individual Photos - Raw and Marked-up Photos are saved to Device’s storage for re-use
  • Photo Details are saved and searchable
  • Photo Settings - the App’s Settings page allows the user to choose image size and compression ratio
  • View Photos - view all photos attached to an individual Defect using swipe and thumbnail navigator
  • Update previously entered Defects and add comments & photos
  • Copy Defects to clone or to assign additional Sub-Contractors
  • Workflow Rules are triggered when Defects are Added or Updated if enabled by you
  • Close Out/ Signoff Defects with date and username attached
  • Multiple Projects- switch between completely different projects
  • Works in disconnected mode – no Internet connection required in the field for adding and updating Defects
  • Synchronise to the Cloud server when connected to WiFi or Cellular
  • 2 way Synchronising adds & updates Defects & Photos on the Server and downloads up-to-date data to the Mobile Device

Web Portal

Based on a SaaS Cloud Service, the Web Portal uses a Visually Stunning Microsoft Office® inspired User Experience to navigate through the system and perform Defect related activities or administrator tasks. Navigate through Defects Mobile using the Microsoft Outlook® inspired Tree View and split screen for access to the main modules with expanding nodes that reveal Tools, Settings and all the individual BI Reports.

Data View

Defects are managed on the Data View which is based around our High Performance Data Grid that can render hundreds and thousands of records in a few seconds. The Data View uses a Microsoft Office® inspired Ribbon bar to provide the Commands and Tasks for Managing Defects and Incomplete works using a familiar look & feel.
  • Columns – there are over 30 individual fields to collect and store details of Defects and Incomplete Works. Columns can be hidden or shown, re-sized and re-ordered by drag and drop. Changes to the layout are saved and remain in effect until changed. To find items from potentially 100s of thousands, each column can be searched, filtered, sorted and grouped as follows;
    • Sorting – by 1 or more Columns at the same time in Ascending or Descending order
    • Grouping – by dragging/dropping 1 or more Columns or using 1 or more of the 5 pre-set Grouping buttons. Groups can be expanded to reveal more details
    • Filtering – Search by 1 or more Columns at a time using any of 11 selectable criteria such as “begins with/ contains/ does not contain/ equals/ ends with”
    • All the above can be used at the same time
  • Save and load your favourite searches
  • Filter Builder Wizard for creating complex filter criteria with up to 12 key words such as “any of/ is none of/ is between/ is not between/ is less than/ is greater than or equal to”
  • Full Text Search – do full text searches with wildcards of 1 or more Columns at the same time
  • All Filtering, Sorting & Grouping can be active at the same time
  • Signoff/Pending with Date and User name captured
  • Update - any Column or Add a comment to 1 or more Defects with one click
  • Page Navigation built in to navigate through long data sets. Set the number of Rows Per Page for individual Devices
  • Word Wrap increases the number of lines of text per Row
  • View Defect’s full details and attached Photos
  • Copy a Defect
  • Copy to Mass button - copy a Defect and assign it to any number of Assets/ Rooms with one click
  • View Photo link
  • Upload Photo and attach to the selected Defect
  • Views - choose View types such as Commercial & Residential, Healthcare or Road & Rail to name the Columns using applicable names
  • Links & Html allows the user to add links to documents and images on the Internet, create rich text with tables plus paste rich text directly from Microsoft Word
  • Comments Column are date and username stamped for tracking changes. See Comments Log
  • Printing and Exporting - over 14 different Report Print Templates available in Grouped/Un-Grouped, various Column layouts and with/without Photos. Reports can be Printed or Saved as PDF or exported as CSV. See Defects Summary Reports

Cool Tools

  • Project Calendar – a Microsoft Outlook ® inspired Calendar with selectable views include Day, Work Week, Week, Month and Timeline. As with Microsoft Outlook ® Calendar you can add Appointments, All Day Events, Recurring Appointments and Events with Reminders. Calendar can be used as a Construction diary and to schedule Site Meetings, Site Inspections and RDO schedule details to be shared with users
  • User Directory – a searchable lists of individual Users, Administrators, Observers and Contractors together with their contact details and link to directly send email
  • Add Defects – allows adding a single Defect at a time via the Web Interface. The Add Defects module is designed for repetitive Data entry and makes it easy to enter in Defects one after the other
  • Add Mass Defects – allows adding a Single Defect to 1 or more Assets/ Rooms/ Tasks
  • Distribute Punch Lists – allows an automated method of sending lists of Open Defects to the individual Contractor who has been assigned to the Defect. Lists are send as PDF attachments via email to all Company Contacts. Sub Contractors can also download their Punch lists with photos directly saving resources. See Contractors Portal
  • Create Scan Codes – selectively generate QR & Bar Codes from your Asset/ Rooms/ Tasks list for scanning by the Defects Mobile App
  • Email Notification Log – allows users to see what email notification have been sent out by the system
  • Comments Log – allows users to find individual Comments entered by Date, Defect, Username and Text search
  • Mission Control – is a multiple Project Dashboard exclusively available to clients with more than 1 active Project. Mission control displays a set of KPIs in the form of colourful Charts for each individual Project. Mission Control allows a single page view across multiple projects in real time
  • Database Manager - allows Enterprise System Administrators to view key properties of their Project Databases
  • Spreadsheet Editor – Upload, Edit and Share Excel spreadsheets running in your browser without Excel. The Microsoft Excel ® inspired Spreadsheet Editor looks and works just like Excel ® with most of the features and functions available including; Protected Cells, Formulas, Sheets, Charting, Document Management and Printing
  • Rich Document Editor – Upload, Edit and Share Word documents running in your browser without Word. The Microsoft Word ® inspired Document Editor looks and works just like Word ® with most of the features and functions available including; Font Control, Page Layout, Sections, Clipboard, Images, Document Management, Printing and more

Administrator only Tools

  • Project Configuration – allows adding and updating the configuration data used throughout the system such as the drop down list boxes on the Mobile and Web interface
  • Sub-Contractor Manager - is used to manage Sub-Contractor Companies used for assigning Defects to and managing Contractor Contacts who are able to access the Defects Mobile Sub-Contractor’s Portal and Web App
  • User Manager – is used to Add New Users, Delete and Update existing User’s details and security levels
  • Owner Manager (coming) – is used to Add New Owners, Delete and Update existing Owner’s details and Assign individual Apartments to Owners
  • Mobile License Manager – keeps track of Defects Mobile licenses consumed by Mobile Devices
  • Photo Manager – is a Tool to Search for Photos based on 1 or more of it’s saved details. Photos can be Viewed, Deleted, Uploaded or Replaced by new Photos

Built-in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is integrated through-out Defects Mobile with many Pages presenting relevant Key Performance Indicators and Metrics. There are individual Reports consisting of Pie, Line & Bar Charts, Sortable/ Filterable Lists and Pivot tables accessing data in real-time. There are multiple reports types available on Defects, Defect Activity over time, Defects by Building/ Level/ Zone/ Apartment/ Asset & Rooms/ Status/ Category/ Defects over Time, Contractors and Observers Activity
  • Dashboard - with over 20 individual KPIs in the form of score boards, pie, bar and line charts. In particular, information on open Defects and close out rates
  • Executive Dashboard – features 10 or more of the top KPIs using Gauges, Line and Bar charts in a large format specifically to display on a large size monitor or TV for real-time monitoring by Executives and Managers
  • Charts and Reports - 40 and growing individual Pie, Bar & Line Charts with interactive Pivot Grids and drill down Pie Charts are available to analyse Defects & Incomplete works, Contractors, Values, Status and more
  • Mission Control - a multi Project/Site Dashboard that compares your individual Projects to each other on the same page

Sub Contractors Portal

Allows an unlimited number of Sub Contractors to view, print and do limited updates or add photos to only those Defects assigned to them.
  • Self-Service approach - saves many valuable hours and resources distributing information to Sub Contractor and follow-up
  • Dashboard – provides Sub Contractors with a cut-down dashboard giving them relevant information about their Defects
  • Data View – provides Sub Contractors with a cut-down user Data View displaying only Defects permitted
  • Download Punchlist – one click download of Sub Contractors individual Defects lists with or without photos generated in real-time in PDF format
  • Sub Contractors Mobile Web App — for Smartphone or Tablets allows Sub Contractors to view and update their assigned Defects and Photos in real-time on-site
  • Consultants Portal - allows 3rd party Consultants access the Sub Contractors Portal and work with only those Defects assigned to their Company or ones they Added and are permitted to view.
  • Owners Portal (coming) - allows individual purchasers access to Defects raised by them or assigned to their property. A customised Inspection report can be generated with vendor’s terms & conditions with signatures for printing, saving and emailing functionality

Notifications Engine

The fully configurable, optional built-in notification engine examines each new or updated Defect and based on your settings will send email notifications to the specified people associated with an individual Defect or Incomplete works.
  • Multiple Email addresses to copy notifications to colleagues and 3rd parties such as Clients or Government representatives
  • Send notifications - to Observers and/or Contractors and/or others easily configurable on an individual Defect basis
  • Notifications Log - to see the full details or what notifications have been sent, by whom and reason
  • Punch Lists – the notification engine logs the details of Defects lists sent to sub-contractors

Robust APIs

A robust set of APIs available allows Clients and 3rd party Solution Providers to integrated their systems with Defects Mobile

To request a more detailed list of specifications and other information, use the Contact Us link above.